Objective 4 – culture and outcomes

To drive positive outcomes for consumers by promoting a professional culture of accountability among architects.

Strategic initiatives

• Maximise the functionality of the customer relationship management system to identify trends and emerging issues relating to architects' compliance
• Engage with research and knowledge gathering about the profession to better understand systemic issues and compliance disposition
• Identify regulatory focus areas as informed by data, research and knowledge gathering and publicise targeted strategies to address these focus areas
• Improve architects' compliance by targeted regulatory activities and education to support behavioural change and encourage voluntary compliance
• Efficiently and effectively manage and respond to complaints and non-compliance
• Continue to regulate the use of the terms
'architect', 'architectural services',
'architectural design services' and
'architectural design'.

Measure of success

• Increased data and information are gathered and recorded in the CRM and research and knowledge gathering activities are undertaken to inform regulatory activities
• Targeted strategies to address regulatory focus areas are developed and information, education and guidance about them are publicised and available to the profession
• Participation by the profession in proactive regulatory activities provided by the ARBV and evidence of decreasing non-compliance by architects.