About the ARBV

Established in 1923, the ARBV administers the Architects Act 1991 (Vic) ('the Act') and Architect Regulations 2015 (Vic).

The Act establishes the framework for the regulation of architects in Victoria. Its purposes are to:

• provide for the registration of architects
• provide for the approval of partnerships and companies providing architectural services
• regulate the professional conduct of architects
• provide a procedure for handling complaints against architects
• regulate the use of the terms "architect", "architectural services", "architectural design services" and "architectural design"
• establish the Architects Registration Board of Victoria.

The ARBV is wholly funded through fees charged to architects wishing to be registered to practise their profession in Victoria.

The ARBV is accountable to the Minister for Planning, who is accountable to Parliament and the community for the performance of the ARBV. The Minister for Planning also establishes key governance and performance priorities for the ARBV by issuing a Statement of Expectations.

As a Victorian statutory authority, the ARBV follows key whole of government legislation and related policies and guidelines.

Board members, responsible for governing the ARBV, are appointed in accordance with the Act. The Board is also assisted by committees and panels including the independent Architects Tribunal.

The Board appoints a Chief Executive Officer/Registrar to deliver the operations of the organisation. The Chief Executive Officer/Registrar is supported by a staff team with multidisciplinary backgrounds in regulation, law, finance, architecture, communications and administration.