ARBV functions

The functions of the ARBV are set out in the Act and given effect through the Regulations, including the Victorian Architects Code of Professional Conduct.

The ARBV's statutory functions include: 

• assessing and determining applications for registration from individuals and applications for approval from partnerships and companies
• suspending and cancelling registrations or approvals and revoking suspensions where required.
• regulating the professional conduct of architects, approved partnerships and approved companies
• preparing guidelines on professional conduct and practice for architects, approved partnerships and approved companies
• publishing information relating to the operation of the ARBV and the Act
• together with the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia
(AACA), administering the Architectural Practice Examination, the most common pathway to registration
• accrediting architectural programs of study within Victoria, in accordance with the established Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure in Australia and New Zealand administered by the AACA and in doing so, determining qualifications required for registration under the Act
• investigating and bringing proceedings for offences against the Act
• carrying out any other powers and functions which are given to it by the Act or which are necessary to implement the Act.

Regulation ensures that architects are held to high professional standards and are qualified and competent to deliver high-quality, safe and compliant building projects.