Deep Dive Report into Systemic Risks in the Australian Architecture Sector due for release in June 2024

Wednesday, 17 April 2024 at 5:00 am

In 2022, the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) and the NSW Architects Registration Board (NSW ARB) undertook a joint research project to identify current and future systemic compliance issues and associated risks affecting regulation of the architecture profession in Australia.  The report on “Systemic Risks in the Australian Architecture Sector” (Systemic Risks Report) contains the results of that research project and can be found here.

Since the Systemic Risks Report was largely based on a desktop review of relevant Australian and global sources of information, the ARBs collaborated once again to conduct a series of focus groups with a broad range of Victorian and NSW stakeholders from across the sector to undertake “deep dives” into some of the main themes identified in the original research – namely, Client-Architect Relationships, Design & Construct Procurement, Compliance with the National Construction Code and Disruptive Change.

The ARBs are now preparing a “Deep Dive Report into Systemic Risks in the Australian Architecture Sector” (Deep Dive Report), which will use the insights from the focus groups to supplement the findings in the Systemic Risks Report.  The analysis in the Deep Dive Report will advance understanding of systemic risks affecting the Australian architecture sector and will identify action that can be taken by the ARBs and other stakeholders to address them.  The ARBs are planning to publish the Deep Dive Report by 30 June 2024.