Governance and organisation structure

The ARBV organisational structure and governance for 2022-23.

ARBV organisation structure as at 30 June 2023

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ARBV Board

The ARBV Board is responsible for performing statutory decision-making functions and powers conferred by the Architects Act 1991 (the Act) and the Architects Regulations 2015. The ARBV Board also provides leadership, strategic guidance and policy direction in addition to overseeing implementation of policies and initiatives.

In accordance with section 47 of the Act, the Board comprises up to ten members appointed on a representative basis with the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson elected by the members.

The Board is assisted by committees and steering groups. It is also responsible for constituting the independent Architects Tribunal to conduct inquiries concerning architects and their fitness to practise or professional conduct. The Act prohibits a person being concurrently a member of the ARBV Board and the Architects Tribunal.

The Board membership of the ARBV at 30 June 2023 was as follows:

  • Dr Giorgio Marfella, PhD, M.Arch,RAIA (Chairperson)

Representative of architects nominated by Councils of approved schools of architecture

  • Richard Salter, B.Eng. (Hons), B.Sc.(Deputy Chairperson)

Representative of Professional Building Industry Organisations nominated by the Housing Industry Association (Vic).

  • Bruce Allen, B.Arch, M.Arch, M.B.A. Elected representative of architects Sophie Cleland, B.Arch (Hons)

Architect nominated from panel submitted by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)

  • Mark Curry, B.AppSc, BSW

Consumer representative nominated by the Minister for Consumer Affairs (Victoria)

  • Richard Drew, B.Eng (Hons),M.DesS, GradCertEng

Representative of the Institution of Engineers, Institute of Surveyors, Institute of Quantity Surveyors and Royal Australian Planning Institute

  • Stefan Preuss,Dipl. Ing Arch, MSc.Arch, GAICD

Practising senior government architect nominated by the Office of Victorian Government Architect

  • Sally Wills, Adv. Dip. Building Design (Architectural) Representative of professional building industry organisations (Joined 13 September 2022)

Directors whose term expired or who resigned during 2022-23 were:

  • Danielle Roche, B.Eng (Hons), MWRMgt Consumer representative nominated by the Minister for Consumer Affairs (Victoria) resigned with effect from 13 March 2023
  • Richard Salter’s term expired on 30 June 2023.


The Board appoints a Registrar to deliver the operations of the organisation in accordance with the agreed strategy. Dr Glenice Fox, SJD, LLB, BA, Grad Cert in Dispute Resolution has occupied the role of CEO/Registrar since February 2021.

Board committees

The ARBV Board is supported by 2 committees and one steering group:

Audit and Risk Committee

The purpose of the Audit and Risk Committee is to assist the Board to fulfil its statutory oversight responsibilities relating to the Financial Management Act 1994 (FMA) and associated Standing Directions 2018 issued by the Assistant Treasurer under Section 8 of the FMA. Members of the Audit and Risk Committee are appointed by the Board in accordance with the Committee’s Charter.

Meetings are held at least 3 times a year, and at other times on request of a committee member or the internal or external auditor. The Committee’s key responsibilities are to:

  • assist the Board in reviewing the effectiveness of the ARBV’s internal control environment, covering effectiveness and efficiency of operations, reliability of financial reporting and compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • review the annual financial statements and make a recommendation to the Board as to whether to adopt the statements
  • review information in the report of operations on financial management, performance and sustainability
  • determine the scope of the internal audit function and ensure its resources are adequate and used effectively, including co-ordination with external auditors
  • maintain effective communication with external auditors, consider recommendations made by internal and external auditors, and review the implementation of actions to resolve issues raised 
  • oversee the effective operation of the risk management framework.

Members of the Audit and Risk Committee during the year were Mark Anderson (Independent Chair), Bruce Allen (Independent Member),Mark Curry (Independent Member) and Dr Giorgio Marfella (Independent Member). The CEO/Registrar and Chief Finance Officer also attend.

Remuneration and Organisation Development Committee

The purpose of the Remuneration and Organisation Development Committee is to assist the Board to fulfil its obligations relating to remuneration, organisation development and human resource policy and related matters, including the management of the Registrar’s contract and performance review.

Members of the Remuneration and Organisation Development Committee during the year were Giorgio Marfella (Chair), Richard Salter and Danielle Roche.

Proactive Strategic Plan Implementation Steering Group

The steering group provides strategic guidance to the CEO/Registrar and the internal Project Team to ensure delivery of the Proactive Strategic Plan and the achievement of agreed outcomes. This includes monitoring implementation of the Proactive Strategic Plan to ensure effective, on-time and on-budget delivery.

Members of the Proactive Strategic Plan Implementation Steering Group during the year were board members; Dr Giorgio Marfella, Sophie Cleland, Mark Curry and Richard Drew, and relevant staff members.

Board and committee meeting attendances

Number of meetings attended/eligible to attend in 2022-23



Audit & Risk Committee

Remuneration & Organisation Development Committee

Notes and overall meeting attendance

Dr Giorgio Marfella (Board Chairperson)10/10




Richard Salter (Board Deputy Chairperson)8/10 



Mark Anderson

(Audit & Risk Committee Chairperson) 





Bruce Allen10/10




Sophie Cleland9/10  


Mark Curry10/10




Richard Drew10/10  


Stefan Preuss8/10  


Danielle Roche5/7 0/1


Resigned 13 March 2023

Sally Wills6/8  


Joined 13 September 2022

ARBV Chairpersons and Registrars since 1923

Edward Bates

1923 - 1931

William Godfrey

Plus, a period 1924-1925 as acting chair.

1931 - 1934

Kingsley Henderson

1934 - 1939

John Gawler

1939 - 1946

Stanley Parkes

1946 - 1966

Harry Winbush

1966 - 1971

Ronald Lyon

1971 - 1975

R.J. Gibson

1975 - 1983

J.F. Swan

1983 - 1985

Allan Rodger

1985 - 1988

Peter Williams

1988 - 1997

Robert McGauran

1997 - 2000 

Andrew Hutson

2000 - 2012

David Sainsbery

2012 - Dec 2017

David Islip

Dec 2017 - May 2020

Karen Alcock

May 2020 - May 2021

Dr Giorgio MarfellaMay 2021 -
William Campbell

1923 - 1929

John Islip

Charles Serpell was acting registrar 1942-1946 while John Islip was on leave having enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force.

1929 - 1970
John Janicke1970 - 1971
Tom Cranston1971 - 1972
Raymond Wilson1972 - 1972
Noel Bewley1972 - 1986
Mary Mauthoor1986 - 1992
Jeffrey Keddie1992 - 1998
Michael Kimberley1998 - 2008
Alison Ivey2008 - 2018
Adam Toma

September 2018 – July 2020

Allan Bawden

Interim Registrar

July 2020 - February 2021

Dr Glenice FoxFebruary 2021 -