Appendix 1: disclosure index of the 2022-23 annual report.

The annual report of the ARBV is prepared in accordance with all relevant Victorian legislations and pronouncements. This index has been prepared to facilitate identification of ARBV's compliance with statutory disclosure requirements.

LegislationRequirementPage Reference
Year in review  
FRD 22Manner of establishment and responsible Minister13
FRD 22Nature and range of services provided13
FRD 22Objectives, functions, powers and duties12-14
FRD 22Performance Reporting (non-financial) - Achievements6-8
FRD 22Performance Reporting (non-financial) - Operational Performance17-33
FRD 22Performance Reporting (non-financial) - Key Initiative6-8
FRD 22Summary of the financial results for the year35-36
FRD 22Significant changes in financial position during the year36
FRD 22Major changes or factors affecting performance36
FRD 22Subsequent Events36
Governance and organisational structure  
FRD 22Organisational structure and corporate governance37
FRD 22Board's role and membership38
FRD 22Audit & Risk Committee membership39
FRD 22Board Committees39
FRD 22Employment and conduct principles41
Workforce data  
FRD 22Public sector values & employment principles41
FRD 22Occupational Health and Safety41
FRD 29 / FRD 22Workforce data disclosures42
FRD 10Disclosure index87
Financial and other information  
FRD 10Disclosure index89
FRD 21Disclosure of Responsible Persons, Executive Officers and other personnel82
FRD 22Subsequent Events83
FRD 103Non-financial physical assets64
FRD 106Impairment of Assets75
FRD 110Cash flow statements58
Other disclosures as required by FRD's  
FRD 25Local Jobs First44
FRD 22Government advertising expenditure44
FRD 22Details of consultancies over $10,00044
FRD 22Details of consultancies under $10,00044
FRD 22Disclosure of ICT expenditure44
FRD 12Disclosure of Major Contracts44
FRD 22Application and operation under the Freedom of Information Act 198245
FRD 22Compliance with Building Act 199346
FRD 22Statement on Competitive Neutrality Policy46
FRD 22Application of the Public Interest Disclosures Act 201246
FRD 24Reporting on office-based environmental impacts48
FRD 22Statement of availability of other information available on request48
Compliance attestation and declaration  
SD 5.1.4Attestation for Compliance with Ministerial Standing Directions49
SD 5.2.3Declaration in the Report of Operations49
Financial statements  
SD 5.2.2Declaration in financial statements52
SD5.2.1(a)Compliance with Australian accounting standards and other authoritative pronouncements52
SD5.2.1(a)Compliance with Standing Directions52
Architects Act 199147
Freedom of Information Act 198245
Building Act 199346
Public Interest Disclosures Act 201246
Local Jobs First Act 200344
Financial Management Act 199447
Disability Act 200647
Public Administration Act 200447