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The ARBV Architectural Services Award

The emphasis of this Award is on excellence of service to clients. It is not a design Award. Satisfied clients play a major role in the Award process, beginning with nomination of their architect.
The Architects Registration Board of Victoria launched its inaugural Architectural Services Award in 2004.

The Board is pleased to acknowledge architects’ excellent service to clients. Entry forms can be found in the Awards resources under this tab.

Aims of the Award

The award is to acknowledge publicly architects’ excellent service to clients. It has been developed as part of the Board’s charter to promote excellence in professional service provided by registered architects in Victoria.

The ARBV often receives enquiries regarding the services provided by architects and has designed the award criteria around common areas of uncertainty and complaint, which, invariably do not focus on design.

The Board, considers that the criteria of the Architectural Services Award reflect the expectations of clients and the community with regard to professional services provided by architects.

The Board reviewed the characteristics of good architectural service to create an award that focuses on the architect’s ability to meet the clients’ needs in areas of information and communication, design processes, management and contractual fulfilment.

Through the promotion of this award, the ARBV seeks to alert both the public and profession to the high-quality service available from architects and encourage architects to maintain their level of service in these key areas.


The Architectural Services Award is open to all architects and firms registered in Victoria. To be eligible for this award, the architect or firm must be currently registered and will need to fill out an entry form. They will then need to identify one or two clients from project/s completed in the last two years who they feel they have provided excellent service and who agree to support their nomination.

Entries should be sent directly to the ARBV by the nomination closing date each year.

After the closing date identified clients will be sent a Client Evaluation Form to fill out about their architect.

The winning architect, announced at the ARBV Certification and Awards Ceremony to be held in December each year, will receive $10,000 and a certificate of excellence. The Board will make a payment of $5000 to the runner up if the committee so recommends, and $500 for the nominating client.

To complement the Architectural Services Award, the ARBV has developed advice, Working With Your Architect, which outlines the services, roles and responsibilities of architects. It also provides advice to clients about their roles and responsibilities when working with an architect – all common areas of enquiry to the ARBV.

Clients may download the brochure from the ARBV website.

For further information about the Architectural Services Award, contact the ARBV on (03) 9417 4444.

Professional Practice Award

The Architects Registration Board of Victoria makes an annual award known as the ‘Registration Board Award for Professional Practice’.

This is an award to the top 4th or 5th year student in a Professional Practice subject identified by the Head of School in each approved architecture course in Victoria. The student must be enrolled in an approved course that leads to satisfaction of the Board’s academic requirements for registration.

The Head of School will forward their nomination to the Registrar, ARBV.

The Award is presented annually at the ARBV Certificate and Awards Ceremony.

The value of the award is $2000. Enquiries may be made to the Registrar of the Board.