Areas for further research





The market for architectural services

Assess the impact (if any) of the intensification of competition in the market for architectural services on the delivery of architectural services and compliance of architects with their professional standards obligations.


Procurement models

Determine the prevalence of and underlying reasons for insurance claims against architects, particularly to identify the most common claims and clarify whether they are linked to unprofessional conduct by architects in the context of D&C contracts.


Client-architect relationships and agreements

Further research is needed on pricing models for architectural services that balance interests and risks of architects and clients respectively.


Building defects, professional standards and compliance culture

Determine whether there is evidence of a link between building defects and design in Australia and, if so, determine whether architects or other design practitioners are responsible.  Research to identify the most common defects attributable to poor design by architects would also be useful.


Automation, digitalisation and innovation

Identify and assess the impacts of technological change on the delivery of architectural services and compliance with professional standards, as well as the longer term implications of such changes for regulators, education and training providers, and current professional standards.