Architects Tribunal begins three new professional conduct inquiries

Thursday, 25 August 2022 at 3:28 am

Following recent investigation of three separate complaints, the Architects Registration Board Victoria (ARBV) has referred three architects to the Architects Tribunal for an inquiry relating to their professional conduct.

The complaints related to a number of issues, including deficient client architect agreements, failure to perform services with due skill, care or diligence and inappropriate billing practices. In each case, a former client submitted a complaint to the ARBV setting out problems they encountered while working with their architect.

The Architects Tribunal is independent from the ARBV and may make a range of determinations, including (but not limited to) cautioning or reprimanding an architect or suspending or cancelling an architect’s registration.

The ARBV’s mission is to engage, educate and regulate to ensure architectural services in Victoria are delivered according to high professional standards and contribute to improved building outcomes for the benefit of the community.