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The Architects Act 1991 (“the Act”) provides for the registration of individuals as architects and the approval of architectural partnerships and architectural companies.

The Register of Architects

Individuals are registered in one of two classes: ‘Practising’ or ‘Non-Practising’.

Practising Architects are registered to provide architectural services that lead directly to the design of buildings or parts of buildings. As a condition of registration, practising architects must provide the Board with proof that they have Professional Indemnity insurance cover in respect of their work as an architect.

Non-Practising Architects have elected for a range of reasons to register in this class and have declared that they will not practise as an architect in Victoria while in this class. Non-Practising Architects are not required to provide the Board with proof of Professional Indemnity insurance cover.

The Register of Approved Architectural Companies contains those companies that comply with the requirement that at least one Director is an architect covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.

The Register of Approved Architectural Partnerships contains those Partnerships that comply with the requirement that at least one Partner is an architect covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.

Searching the Register

The ‘Search the Register’ tab on this site enables users to confirm whether or not an individual is a Practising Architect and whether or not a company or partnership appears on the Register of Architects. Non-Practising Architects are not displayed. Contact the Board if you wish to confirm search results – (03) 9417 4444.


Applications for Registration by Individuals

These are the requirements for registration as an architect in Victoria:

You must:

1. have an accredited academic qualification in architecture or a pass in the National Program of Assessment (NPrA), see for details of NPrA.
2. have a minimum of 2 years recent practical experience
3. successfully complete the AACA Architectural Practice Examination (APE) or successfully complete one of the alternative AACA pathways to registration.

Applications for Approval of Companies and Partnerships

Please click on the relevant tabs under the “Registration” tab for information about applications for approval of Companies and Partnerships.

Suspension of Registration as an Architect

It must be understood that the effect of suspension of registration as an architect means that the person who is suspended is not an architect for the duration of the suspension.

This means:

  • their name does not appear on the Register of Architects;
  •  they are unable to use the controlled terms (“architect”, “architectural design”, “architectural services”);
  • they are unable to function as an architect in any way, including using an architect registration number, implying in any way they are able to offer architectural services, maintaining advertising or continuing to use business stationery using the controlled terms;
  • they must notify clients of their suspension as an architect and advise them they are no longer able to carry out engagements as an architect;

Otherwise they are breaching the Architects Act 1991 and are liable to prosecution.

Furthermore, if the person suspended was the sole architect director of an approved architectural company, or the sole architect member of an approved architectural partnership, the company/partnership approval must also be suspended, and the above conditions apply to the company/partnership.

Failure to comply with the requirement to pay the annual registration fee by July 1 each year, or the statutory fee for late payment of the annual fee, will result in suspension of registration.
Failure to provide proof of compliant Professional Indemnity Insurance by Practising Architects will result in suspension of registration.

Suspension of registration may be revoked only by satisfying the condition that led to the suspension, i.e.

  • payment of the annual fee, and if applicable the revocation fee, The Architects Act 1991 S15 (4);
  • provision of proof of compliant Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Proof of Registration

Membership Cards can be downloaded from an architect’s membership profile. Simply log into your profile through the ARBV website, select ‘manage profile’ and then select ‘membership card’.

Certified Extract of Register can be obtained by contacting the Board by email at