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Please note, from 1st January 2015, the requirement for minimum hours logged in the logbook will be 3300 hours.

In each State and Territory of Australia it is a legal requirement that any person using the title ‘architect’ or offering services to the public as an architect, must be registered with the Architects’ Board in that jurisdiction.

The APE is used by the ARBV to determine whether applicants have attained a satisfactory standard of professional practice (refer Architects Act 1991 Section 10).

The examination is in three parts, on satisfactory completion of all Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the APE, candidates will be invited to apply for registration in Victoria.

Applications for registration are considered by the Board at its monthly meeting.

APE candidates are advised to read the Board’s Policy on the APE under this tab, particularly regarding the appeal process.

Part 1 Eligibility: Logbook

Candidates are required to record at least 2 years recent practical experience against specified competencies and include a Statement of Practical Experience, which is a brief synopsis of practical experience. Only electronic logbooks are accepted by the ARBV. (No hard copies, or downloaded pages are accepted.)

Logbooks are available on the AACA website under Publications. These are to be filled in and uploaded to your online application as a single PDF file which includes the statutory declaration, list of architects and copy of the degree. The candidate’s name should be used as the file name. Close attention should be paid to the Checklist to ensure that the logbook is complete, and to reduce the risk of it being failed by the examiners.

Submit your application online through our website. Go to the ‘Register’ tab at the top right of this page and follow the prompts.

The statutory declaration form for Victoria and the checklist are available under this tab on the website “APE Resources”.

Information about all aspects of the APE and the National Standard of Competency for Architects (NSCA) against which assessments in the logbook are made can be obtained from the AACA website under ‘Publications’ ( Click on this link to view the AACA NSCA.

Mandatory Experience

A minimum of 3300 hours Mandatory experience is required across the seven prescribed competencies. Candidates are required, in their statement of practical experience and electronic logbook summary to identify the quality and duration of experience recorded and relate it to the seven mandatory competencies.

There are two APE rounds each year. Dates are available on the home page.

Satisfactory submission of the logbook and Statement enables candidates to proceed to Part 2 of the APE.

Part 2: National Examination Paper (NEP)

The NEP is a one hour ‘CLOSED BOOK’ multiple choice paper. A sample paper and additional questions are available from the AACA website under ‘Publications’.

A pass in the NEP is required before a candidate can be invited to proceed to interview.

Part 3: Examination by Interview

On successful completion of Part 2, candidates receive an invitation to attend the interview.

Each candidate is interviewed by two ARBV examiners who are experienced practitioners, on the range of work and experience presented by the candidate.

Duration: one hour.

Important Dates

APE Dates 2019:

Round 1

Logbook submissions: from Monday 28th January to Wednesday 6th February 2019.

(Logbooks must be submitted during the specified submission dates. Late submissions will not be accepted)

National Examination Paper (NEP): Tuesday 2nd April 2019.

The Results of the NEP (Part 2) will be released to candidates via email by close of business on Friday 19 April 2019.

Interviews (Part 3) will be conducted in May 2019. Further information about interviews will be included in the email advising candidates of the NEP results.

Round 2

Logbook submissions: from Monday 3rd June to Monday 17th June 2019.

(Logbooks must be submitted during the specified submission dates. Late submissions will not be accepted)

National Examination Paper (NEP): Tuesday 20th August 2019.

Interviews: Monday 9th September – end of October 2019. Dates TBC


Note: Candidates are encouraged to submit earlier rather than later in the submission window.


Candidates resubmitting for the written exam or the interview must submit their logbooks during these submission dates to be included in the round.