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Overseas Registered Architects

Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) offers a pathway to registration for some overseas qualified architect practitioners, called the Experienced Practitioner Assessment Program (EPA). Using a portfolio of complex projects, candidates need to demonstrate relevant Executive level experience. Completion of the EPA program allows candidates to apply for registration with the relevant state or territory Board.

Candidates can seek further information on this pathway from the AACA website and should contact AACA directly with queries.

In each State and Territory of Australia it is a legal requirement that any person using the title ‘architect’ or offering services to the public as an architect, must be registered with the Architects’ Board in that jurisdiction.

Within the provisions of the Architects Act 1991 and Architects Regulations 2015, use of the title ‘architect’ or the ‘architectural services’, ‘architectural design’ or ‘architectural design services’ for business purposes in Victoria requires registration with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) and compliance with the provisions of the Act.

The key requirements for registration are:

  • Successful completion of a prescribed course of study or approved equivalent
  • At least two years of practical experience
  • Successful completion of the Architectural Practice Examination (APE) or other approved pathway
  • Registration by the Architects Registration Board

Architectural companies and partnerships must also be approved separate from individual registration.