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Architect Tribunal Inquiries and Prosecutions

Architects Disciplinary Register

The Architects Disciplinary Register contains findings made against architects by the Architects Tribunal.

The Register includes the names and registration numbers of architects who have been found guilty of misconduct by the Architects Tribunal together with details of the findings and any penalties imposed.

The Register includes findings made against architects registered with the ARBV.  Findings made against architects remain on the Register for five years after they are imposed or cease to have effect, whichever is the later.

The information is published in the Register after the period for review has passed and after any review or appeal is finalised.  The Register does not show information about current inquiries conducted by the Architects Tribunal, current complaint matters or investigations being carried out by the ARBV, complaints made about architects to bodies other than ARBV (such as the Victorian Building Authority or another architect registration board in Australia) or civil matters involving architects (such as a VCAT dispute).

Tribunal Reports

Below are Reports of Architects Tribunal Inquiries. The Reports comprise the Notice of Inquiry containing the allegations the Tribunal was set up to inquire into, and the Findings and Determinations issued by the Tribunal at the conclusion of its inquiry. These are unified into a single PDF document with the File Number of the Inquiry (e.g. AT13-14-01, which indicates the Tribunal inquiry arising from the first complaint received in the financial year 2013-2014).

They are provided to assist architects and the public to understand the professional conduct issues which have been referred to the Architects Tribunal for inquiry and the outcome of those inquiries.

The documents have been redacted where necessary to remove information which may identify the Architect, the Complainants, and any third parties. Redactions are indicated by square brackets, thus: [ . . . ]

If an architect has been the subject of an Architects Tribunal inquiry, this information will appear in the search result for his or her name after conducting a Search under the Search the Register tab on this website. The File Number of the Inquiry will appear in the search result, and the relevant Report can be found on this page under the same File Number.