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Important Compliance Announcements

Guideline to Paragraph 15 of the Victorian Architects Code of Professional Conduct.

Division 3—Architectural practice

15 Notification of qualifications and contact details
(1) An architect must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the architect’s qualifications, experience, awards, honours and authorship are stated accurately in all documents.
(2) An architect must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the architect’s name and contact details are identified clearly and accurately on stationery, signboards, public notices and in publications.

GUIDELINE: The Board interprets “architect” as including architectural companies and partnerships, in which case the stationery etc. needs to identify the name of the approved company or partnership as well as the names of the architect director(s) of the company or member(s) of the partnership. Adopted by the Board on 12th July 2016.

Graduate architect? You mean “Architectural Graduate”

The correct term for those who have graduated with architectural qualifications is “architectural graduate”. The term “graduate architect”  used by or about someone who has an architectural qualification but who is not registered as an architect is in breach of the Architects Act, which restricts use of the title “architect” to persons whose name appears on the Register of Architects.

The following language is specifically restricted by the Act to persons who are registered:

  • “architectural design”
  • “architectural services”

If you are not an architect you cannot use these terms, including in descriptions of skill sets on e.g. LinkedIn.


A non-architect cannot use the term in any context across:

    • Social media
    • Business cards
    • Email signatures
    • Title blocks
    • Advertising
    • Orally