Annual Fee FAQs





How can I pay for registration renewal?

You can pay for the annual fee online with credit card or PayPal via the ARBV portal. Please log into your profile on the ARBV website click ‘Manage Profile’, then click ‘Invoices’. Alternatively, you may send a cheque in the mail to ‘ARBV, Level 7, 372 Albert Street, EAST MELBOURNE 3002’.


What are the payment options?

Credit Card – ARBV website portal

PayPal – ARBV website portal

Cheque – Mailed to ‘ARBV, Level 7, 372 Albert Street, EAST MELBOURNE 3002’.


Do you accept EFT / bank transfer as payment?

No. The ARBV does not accept EFT / bank transfer payments.


Can I pay over the phone?

No. The ARBV does not have facility to take credit card or any other payments over the phone.


Can I pay for my company and individual renewals together online?

No. You need to log into each profile separately on the ARBV website portal and pay the invoices separately. The username is the registration or approval number. Architect registration numbers start with ‘1’ and Company approval numbers start with ‘5’, and don’t have any letters. Alternatively, you may send a cheque in the mail to ‘ARBV, Level 7, 372 Albert Street, EAST MELBOURNE 3002’.


I am overseas and cannot access my profile on the ARBV website, how can I pay my annual fee?

Please contact the ARBV by phone on +61 3 9417 4444 or email


I received a practising architect invoice, but I am not practising at the moment/any longer. How can I convert my registration to non-practising architect?

To become non-practising you must email us at


Do I need to provide my professional indemnity (PI) insurance certificate of currency at registration renewal time?

No, unless your PI insurance expiry happens to coincide with registration renewal time. You must supply your PI insurance certificate of currency within two weeks of the policy expiry, or if your employer has changed and you are covered by a new policy.


Do I need to provide evidence of continuing professional development (CPD) at registration renewal time?

No. CPD evidence does not have to be provided during the 2018-2019 annual fee renewal.


How are invoices sent?

Annual fee renewal invoices are e-mailed at the end of May each year. Please advise us if your e-mail address has changed. You can also find your invoice at any time by logging into your profile through the website and clicking ‘Manage Profile’ and then clicking ‘Invoices’.


When is the annual fee invoice due?

30 June (each year).