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The Architects Registration Board has existed since 1923 when it was established to carry out the duties entrusted to it by the Architects Registration Act 1922. The Board has operated since that time. While there have been a number of revised Acts in intervening years, the current Board was established under the Architects Act 1991.The Act defines the Board’s charter and The Architects Regulations 2015 are made by the Board within the powers of the Act to implement its provisions.

About ARBV

The Architects Registration Board of Victoria (ARBV) is a self-funding statutory authority which has, as its primary responsibilities, the registration of architects and approval of architectural companies/partnerships, investigation of complaints against architects, provision of Tribunal inquiry into professional conduct and accreditation of architecture courses.

The Minister for the purposes of the Act is the Minister for Planning, the Hon. Richard Wynne.

The members of the Board are appointed by Governor in Council in accordance with Section 47 of the Architects Act 1991. The Board consists of ten members, including nominations from the Minister for Consumer Affairs, the Profession, Architecture schools and Allied Industries.

The ARBV office is staffed by the Chief Executive Officer/Registrar, General Counsel, Chief Financial Officer, Registrations Manager, Compliance Officer as well as Office and Administrative Support Officers.

Guided by the principles of impartiality, integrity, responsiveness and confidentiality, the Board has established transparent policy and procedures to act in the public interest and to assist the profession to meet its professional standards.

Information for the Public and the Profession

The Register

Fundamental to the Board’s operations and service to the public is the maintenance of a Register of all architects, architectural partnerships or companies registered with the Board.

The Register is updated regularly and the database can be accessed via this website.

Online applications and annual fee payments

The Board has online applications for registration, and company and partnership approvals. Architects are able to log in to make their annual registration payments and update their contact details.

Complaint Procedures

Written advice about Board procedures with complaints is available to both the public and architects. The Board has policies on all aspects of this including a Policy on Complaints Handling and a Policy On Prosecutions And Referrals To Tribunals. This information is also available on the web site

E-News for Registered Architects

Periodically emails are sent to architects containing advice about Board decisions, the legislation and regulations, examinations and items of general interest.

Direct Contact

Numerous telephone, email and direct inquiries from the public and the profession are handled by office staff as part of the office operation. Advice is given on the full range of Board functions, including complaints, requirements for registration and the registration status of architects and architectural companies.

Board Members

Members in office are:
  • David Islip, Chairperson
    Nominated by the Minister as a Practising Senior Government Architect.


  • Ian Sutter, Deputy Chairperson
    Nominated by the Minister from a panel of three names provided by the President of the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects.


  • Clare Newton
    Architect nominated by the Minister from a panel of three names supplied by the approved schools of architecture.


  • Arianne Rose
    Nominated by the Minister administering the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012.


  • Dionne Wright
    Nominated by the Minister administering the Australian Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act 2012.


  • Venise Reilly
    Nominated by the Building Industry.


  • Richard Salter
    Nominated by Principal Professional Building Industry Organisations.


Terms of appointment

Members are appointed by Governor in Council generally for a two year term, with the possibility of re-appointment. Regulations give effect to appointments.

Meetings of the Board

The Board meets formally each month February to December, on the second Tuesday. A quorum is 6 members. It holds special meetings and appoints sub-committees and working groups as required.

Meetings of the Board are attended by the Registrar and Compliance Consultant. The Act, Section 69 and 54 provides for the Board to regulate its proceedings. Standard meeting procedures are followed.

Committees and Panels

The Board has two standing committees: the Audit and Risk Committee meets quarterly and the Human Resources Committee meets as required. In addition, the Board appoints the Architectural Services Awards working group annually to manage the awards process.

The Board establishes advisory panels on major policy issues such as education policy, tribunals, legislation, competencies for the profession, on a needs basis to inform its decision-making.
Panels have been appointed in the past in the following key areas of operation to fulfil the purposes of the Act: examinations and assessment, recognition of academic equivalence, review and accreditation of schools of architecture and their courses, and a working party on CPD.

The Assessment of Architectural Practice and other Examinations

This is an examination process based on national guidelines for consistency with other jurisdictions and is held twice yearly.

The Board has appointed a panel of architects to examine, under its supervision, applicants for registration to ensure that their professional experience and understanding meet the standards required by the public.

The Board is satisfied with the high standards maintained by examiners and the skilled manner in which they conduct the interviews. The Board believes that it offers candidates a fair and rigorous process, with due opportunity for further review if needed.

Accreditation Panel

The Board has appointed a standing panel for accreditation and assessment of courses in architecture. See the University Courses page of this website for details. Refer to the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) for information about accredited courses.


  • Adam Toma
    Chief Executive Officer & Registrar (accountable officer for the purposes of Part 7, section 42, of the Financial Management Act 1994), responsible for all policy matters and the registration of architects.
  • Krista Weymouth
    General Counsel & Deputy Registrar
  • Darren O’Beirne
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Fiona Gjoni
    Registrations Manager
  • Oowan Davies
    Compliance Officer