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2018-2019 Annual Fee Invoices Sent

The invoices for registration renewal have been emailed out to all architects, companies and partnerships.  If you have not received yours please first check your junk mail folder and if it is not there contact the ARBV at


Pay online today via the ARBV website portal, simply log into your profile and click ‘Invoices’.


For FAQs on annual fee renewal click here.

DBDRV Assessors and Senior Assessors - Positions now being advertised.

DBDRV Assessors and Senior Assessor

The Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) has been established to run the new domestic building dispute resolution process.

DBDRV employs Assessors and Senior Assessors who are responsible for on site assessments of building work and production of reports to assist with the resolution of domestic building disputes between owners and builders.  

A further three Assessors and one Senior Assessor are needed to be appointed as employees of DBDRV and these positions are now being advertised. 

The advertisement for the employment of these Assessors can be found at the Victorian Government Careers website at: 


The contact for more information about these positions is Alex Sellentin on (03) 9194 2715 or

RMIT Practice Futures Compendium 2018 - 11 May 2018


Click on this link to view the Practice Futures.


‘In Practice Futures we begin to investigate the challenges and opportunities that arise out of the increasing adoption of digital fabrication within the design and construction industries.’ – Vivian Mitsogianni


The lead researchers for Practice Futures are Professor Vivian Mitsogianni, Ben Milbourne, John Doyle and Patrick Macasaet.


This report was completed in 2018 by RMIT Architecture for the Practice Futures project commissioned by the ARBV.


Under the Architects Act, the Board may “apply any money at its discretion, for the purpose of the advancement of architectural education in any manner the Board determines”.

NEP Results Released - 10 May 2017

The results for the first online National Examination Paper (NEP) have been released.

Check your inbox APE candidates!

Minister’s Guideline and Building Product Safety Alert - 13 March 2018

The Minister for Planning has issued a guideline to reduce the risks to life and property arising from the inappropriate use of cladding products in external wall systems in multistory buildings in Victoria.

The guideline is accompanied by a Building Product Safety Alert, warning building practitioners about the potential fire risks associated with the non-compliant use of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) with a PE  core of 30% or more and rendered expanded polystyrene (EPS) products when used as external wall cladding.

GRADUATE ARCHITECT? – NO SUCH THING! – You mean “Architectural Graduate” - 17 January 2018


Don’t risk prosecution!

The term “graduate architect” is only ever used by or about someone who has an architectural qualification but who is not registered as an architect.

This is a breach of the Architects Act, which restricts use of the title “architect” to persons whose name appears on the Register of Architects. Read more…

APE Dates 2018:


Round 1

Logbook submissions: Wednesday 21st February to Tuesday 27th February

National Examination Paper (NEP): Tuesday 17th April

Interviews: During May and June on dates TBC

Round 2

Logbook submissions: Wednesday 11th July to Tuesday 17th July*

National Examination Paper (NEP): Tuesday 21st August

Interviews: During September and October on dates TBC


*Logbooks must be submitted during the specified submission dates. Late submissions will not be accepted