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Registration of Architects and Approval of Architectural Partnerships and Companies 



The Architects Act 1991 ("the Act") provides for the registration of individuals as architects and the approval of architectural partnerships and architectural companies.

The Register of Architects

Individuals are registered in one of three categories: 'Practising', 'Non-Practising' and 'Retired'.

Practising Architects are registered to provide architectural services that lead directly to the design of buildings or parts of buildings. As a condition of registration, practising architects must provide the Board with proof that they have Professional Indemnity insurance cover in respect of their work as an architect.

Retired and Non-Practising Architects have elected for a range of reasons to register in these categories and have declared that they will not practise as an architect in Victoria while in either of these two categories. Retired and Non-Practising Architects are not required to provide the Board with proof of Professional Indemnity insurance cover.

The Register of Approved Architectural Companies contains those companies that comply with the requirement that at least one Director is an architect covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.

The Register of Approved Architectural Partnerships contains those Partnerships that comply with the requirement that at least one Partner is an architect covered by Professional Indemnity insurance.

Search the Register

The 'Search the Register' tab on this site enables users to confirm whether or not an individual is a Practising Architect and whether or not a company or partnership appears on the Register of Architects. Non-Practising and Retired Architects are not displayed. Contact the Board if you wish to confirm search results - (03) 9417 4444.

Applications for Registration by Individuals

Applications for registration should be made by close of business on the first Friday of each month in order to be considered by the Board at its meeting on the second Tuesday.

These are the requirements for registration as an architect in Victoria:

You must:

1. have an accredited academic qualification in architecture or a pass in the National Program of Assessment (NPrA), see for details of NPrA.

2. have a minimum of 2 years recent practical experience

3. successfully complete the AACA Architectural Practice Examination (APE)

The application form for registration is available below. 

Applications for Approval of Companies and Partnerships

Please click on the relevant tabs under the "Registration" tab for information about applications for approval of Companies and Partnerships.

Architect Registration Application Form

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Application for registration as an architect PDF (331.03 KB) Administration 23/03/2015
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